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    Greg Large Recognized as One of America’s Top Financial Security Professionals in 2021

    Greg Large Recognized as One of America’s Top Financial Security Professionals in 2021

    In the News

    Lenox Advisors is proud to announce that Greg Large, President and Chief Operating Officer, was recently named among the inaugural list of Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals. 

    After years of ranking the nation’s preeminent wealth managers, Forbes and SHOOK Research have expanded coverage to include advisors from the insurance industry, a group they define as Financial Security Professionals. 

    “Clients benefit from professionals who take a holistic view of their clients, offering financial planning expertise but protection from uncertainties,” said R.J. Shook, President of SHOOK Research. “This was an ambitious undertaking designed to uncover industry role models who have the biggest impact on their clients’ lives.” Although more than 15,000 professionals applied for the Forbes/SHOOK ranking, only 250 were chosen to be included on the list.

    Lenox Advisors is thrilled that Greg has earned this distinct recognition by Forbes. “It’s a testament to his expert industry leadership and dedication to his clients. Greg provides invaluable guidance to our advisors, instilling his client-centric approach to the service and care of Lenox clients across the country,” said Michael Book, Managing Partner at Lenox Advisors. “Our core focus is to help clients overcome challenges and enhance their financial security.”

    Read the full list of Forbes/SHOOK Top Financial Security Professionals here.