‘Finding solutions together is its own reward’

Vincent Trimarco

Vince Trimarco hops out of bed at 4 a.m. to catch the train to meet Managing Partner, Michael Book, at Lenox Advisors, for their daily 5:30 a.m. workout. Consistency, dedication, and keeping good company have always served him well.

After graduating from St. Johns University and excited by the lucrative career opportunity and the chance to use his natural affinity for working with people, Trimarco accepted an administrative role with Lenox Advisors.

A model student
Guided and mentored by Jonathan Davis, partner, at Lenox Advisors, he quickly learned how the insurance and financial services business operated.

He devoured everything from sales scripts to underwriting and “worked out the kinks” in the existing training program and refined the orientation process established by the firm.

In fact, Trimarco’s development within the firm is now the standard practice for onboarding new advisors. “Recent graduates must first learn the business and become licensed before going into sales,” said Book. “Understanding MassMutual, the sales process, and developing confidence prepares young advisors for success in the field.”

On pace to reach or exceed many of the industry milestones for new advisors, Trimarco’s strong work ethic and enthusiasm encourage the 100 plus other advisors in the firm, including the top performers, to work even harder.

Learning from the best
Trimarco said he has learned from great mentors both in and outside of the industry.

The oldest of four boys, Trimarco watched his father work hard to provide for his family and his mother attend every one of her sons’ sports games. “My parents showed me what commitment is,” he said. “I mimic that sentiment at the firm.”

Professionally, he sets daily and weekly goals to support his business plan, a practice he learned from his fellow advisors. “There is a process here that has proven successful in the past,” he said. “I just have to follow the process set before me.”

The firm has groomed a Freshman Five honoree two years in a row. Zach Kriftcher, a member of the esteemed group in 2017, and Trimarco have become close friends. “I trust the process, learn from the best, and listen to my clients,” he said. “My peers and mentors have painted a picture of my future.”

Trimarco said that being named one of the 2018 Freshman Five has inspired him to help even more clients. “Most people don’t like to talk about the difficult topics that surface,” he said. “But finding solutions together is its own reward.”

Competition for a cause

An athlete most of his life, Trimarco jumped at the chance to play in the Travis Roy WIFFLE ball tournament in Vermont. With more than 30 New England-based teams registered to play, Trimarco captained the rival ‘Yankees,’ ruffling a few feathers along the way but catching the attention of the charity’s namesake. Drawn to the founder’s never-die spirit and love of sports, he joined the junior board of directors of the Travis Roy Foundation. The firm recognized Trimarco’s volunteerism with a $5,000 check to benefit the organization.

He infuses his collaborative spirit into his role as captain of the firm’s softball team. Playing in a league that includes other local financial services companies, sportsmanship has morphed into networking and sharing resources, from which everyone benefits. “Our goal is to understand and meet all of our clients’ different needs,” he said. “To do that, we are better if we work together.”