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Diversitas: Expanding Diversity in Wealth Management Symposium

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Lenox is excited our own Marvine Laurent, Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations, will be a featured panelist at the upcoming “Diversitas: Expanding Diversity in Wealth Management Symposium”!

Marvine will discuss “Busting the Myths: What is Keeping Women & People of Color Out of the Wealth Management Industry.” The panel will cover misconceptions about compensation, types of jobs, and community impact.

Lenox is actively working to ensure the financial services industry is inclusive. We want people with diverse backgrounds working in the industry to help bridge the gap between wealth management and underserved communities.

All the myths that will be discussed contribute to the lack of Diversity in the industry and to whom it serves. We need to continue to dispel the misconceptions, so the next generation of financial professionals can see the opportunities.

As we continue to strike down these untrue beliefs, know that there is a considerable need for diverse talent for well-paying, meaningful jobs in this industry. When we bring more Diversity into the workforce, we all rise together.

To learn more about wealth management career myths, register to attend the free virtual Symposium.

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