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How Secure Is Your Employees' Income

Disability Income Insurance

An unexpected disability can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, standard disability insurance can leave a compensation gap for your top executives. Bonus compensation and base salary above a certain maximum aren’t covered. And disability benefits can be subject to federal, state, and local taxes. How can you make sure your highest-paid professionals have the coverage they need?

Reducing the Disability Insurance Gap

The limitations of Group Long-Term Disability (Group LTD)coverage all contribute to the ‘Disability Insurance Gap’ — the difference between your employees' current net income and the netGroup LTD benefits they would receive if they were to become too sick or hurt to work for an extended period of time.

To reduce the Disability Insurance Gap, a cost-effective approach is to implement an individual disability income insurance program. An individual disability income insurance policy can cover a portion of your earned income if your key employee became disabled. Protecting the very income they rely on for the things that matter most.


Typical Disability Income Insurance "Gap"

Your Lenox Advisor can help you assess your company’s situation, and make recommendations for a disability income insurance solution. We can help you build upon what you already have in place, and help ensure that your employees’ most important asset is as secure as it can be.

This supplemental individual disability income insurance does not coordinate with your group's long-term disability coverage. Claim decisions are rendered independent of each other. A disability income policy has exclusions and limitations. For cost and complete details of coverage call Lenox Advisors, Inc. at 212.536.8700. CRN202409-964887