Abbe F. Large

CLTC - Senior Vice President

Abbe F. Large, CLTC, Senior Vice President at Lenox Advisors, is a dedicated professional whose drive is to put her clients' best interests first. With nearly 30 years of experience, she is highly skilled in a variety of financial services, estate planning, and asset management solutions. With her corporate clients, she helps structure strategic employee benefits as well as executive carve-out programs.

Abbe is a passionate advocate for families and individuals dealing with difficult financial realities. She personally navigated these same financial complexities when caring for her father through his battle with pancreatic cancer. Abbe faced the same challenges she regularly helps others overcome, and gained a unique appreciation for the importance of being supported through these challenging times with grace and dignity. She believes that when money is removed from the equation, people can focus on what truly matters: love and family. Abbe's insightful empathy has made her a valuable resource to her clients in their times of need.

Prior to Lenox, she spent 11 years at Cowan Financial Group and studied journalism at Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism. Abbe has earned a certified long-term care designation, reflective of the long-term care insurance insights she provides. She was named on Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals in both 2023 and 2022.

In her free time, Abbe loves participating in outdoor activities such as paddleboarding, boating and skiing while also investing in her own health through good nutrition and exercise. Above all else, she values spending time with her husband and their three children and pup. With an unwavering commitment to both her profession and community alike, Abbe shines as an endlessly passionate  individual who continually works towards achieving greatness every day.